About US


Darat Samir Shamma  Non profit organization for the elderly  The  idea  of  establishing  circuits  was based  primarily  on  finding  solutions  to problems faced by older persons , especially older people who wished to live independent away from the noise of the city . Hence the idea of establishing the circuits of Samir Shama in 2001 with a generous donation from the late Samir Shama. Is a charity registered with the Ministry of Social Development, located on the hill in the area of Shafa Badran has been established on a land area of twenty acres, and has been built by the system of apartments and villas adjacent to the sixty - one apartment and six villas .


Our Values

<p style="text-align: center;">Humanity, honesty, sincerity, confidentiality, quality and perfection, development, innovation, and excellence, winning the confidence of service recipients.</p>

Our Aims

<p style="text-align: center;">A charitable association that seeks to provide quality service to the elderly in the fields of health, social, psychological and entertainment through efficient cadres that seek to achieve the satisfaction of service recipients in an interdependent society.</p>

Our Vision

<p style="text-align: center;">Safe aging in a society governed by inherent human social virtuous values.</p>

The organization's goals

* Securing accommodation conditions and supporting services in order to improve and increase independence in a safe atmosphere by providing comfortable housing equipped with integrated household equipment in a small village.

* Providing health, social, cultural and recreational services and opportunities to practice many hobbies and social activities

* Providing psychological and professional counseling aimed at helping to accept and understand the new life circumstances and to deal positively with them, and to improve the future vision.

* Activating family relationships and employing them for the benefit and welfare of the individual residing in the circles.


Organization News

* The General Assembly of the organization held a meeting on 4/7/2020, in which it discussed the financial and administrative reports for the year 2019 and approved them.

* Electing a new administrative body for the organization for the next three years, headed by Professor Ahmed Obeidat.

* On 7/7/2020, the organization received a letter of thanks from His Excellency the Minister of Social Development, in appreciation of the efforts made in caring for the elderly in controlling and preventing infection with covid-19 and providing the best care and preventive services during the Corona pandemic.

* The Executive Committee of the Society held a meeting on 7/13/2020, in which it discussed the classification of residential care services.