Samir Shamma, Born in Safad- Palestine. Married with two daughters who studied medicine in England. One of the daughters studied law in addition to medicine.

Graduated from the law Institute in Palestine.

Worked as a lawyer in Jerusalem and Haifa during the latter years of occupation.

Worked as a lawyer in Qameshley, Syria 1949.

Then from 1950 as a legal advocate for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia followed by the Ministry of Petroleum also in Saudi Arabia.

Represented the Yemeni government as well as the Tanzanian Government for their oil agreements with Saudi Arabia.

Wrote many publications and books relateing to Oil and Islamic Numismatics.

Founded two chairs for the study of Numismatics in Yarmook University, Jordan, and Oxford University, England.


Financially aided the eye Hospital in Jerusalem.

Financially aided Cairo University in Egypt.

Helped over 35 students in different Universities all over the world, to finish their studies, most of them as postgraduates. He also helped three students from occuipied Palestine to finish their studies.


Made substantial donations to four Universities in Jordan, these are the University of Jordan, Yarmouk University, The Hashemite University and Mo?tah University.

In Amman, Jordan, funded one of its landmarks Darat Samir Shamma for the elderly and retired. This is a non profit project where all its income goes back into improve and enlarge the project itself.

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